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BEST 2B 2B, DEN, w 9' ceilings, 2 Parking 379 380, Storage. HUGE patio 185sf. the BBQ part is covered. Immaculate condition. GAS & heat incl. Avalon Park 1 Vibrant River District. Desirable layout, radiant heating, and laminate floors. Open concept kitchen and features SS appliances, gas range with convection oven, and quartz countertops. Amenities Skylounge, Skybar, two gyms, 2 multi-purpose amenity, and a meeting room, 2 guest suites, community garden, BBQ courtyard garden, playground. Location is super convenient, everything within walking distance, including services, shopping, restaurants, parks, entertainment. Direct bus to Metrotown. Express bus to Skytrain. EV parking avail. Steps to riverfront walkways. Quick possession if desired. Call to view or Open House SAT & SUN 1 to 4 PM   MAY 6 & 7 2023

BEST 2B 2B, DEN 2 parking side by side, Large Storage Locker. HUGE patio! Immaculate condition. GAS & heat incl. Avalon Park 1 Vibrant River District community. Desirable layout, radiant heating, and laminate floors. Open concept kitchen and features SS appliances, gas range with convection oven, and quartz countertops. Amenities Skylounge, Skybar, two gyms, 2 multi-purpose amenity, and a meeting room, 2 guest suites, community garden, BBQ courtyard garden, playground. Location is super convenient, everything within walking distance, including services, shopping, restaurants, parks, and entertainment. Easy access to public transportation. Express bus to Skytrain. EV parking. Steps to the riverfront walkways, Save-on-Foods, Shoppers, Starbucks, Sushi Mura, Bosley's, Everything Wine, Banks, Services & direct bus to Metrotown.  Looks new, feels new, but no GST must SEE. 822 sq ft and PATIO 185 sq ft show anytime and quick possession if desired.

STORAGE Locker W 4’5” H 6’3” D 4’1” P2-33  304  Parking 379 380 P2  No Airbnb

HAVE IT ALL:  2B 2B DEN/FLEX w 9’ ceiling,  2 PARKING Side by Side 1 LOCKER & Huge PATIO 185 sq ft. covered BBQ area.

OPEN HOUSE! MAY 5, 6, 2023
SAT SUN  1:00 - 4:00
205 3588 Sawmill Crescent Vancouver BC
The Avalon Building is in the desirable River District of Vancouver. This building has tons of amenities.  2 gyms, 2 guest suites, EV available and much more!!!

Call for details:
205 3588 Sawmill Crescent Vancouver BC
️ 2 bed   2 bath + Den/Flex with 9' ceiling

2 parking side by side 1 storage locker bike rooms too‍♂️

large patio - 185  sq. ft.  BBQ area is covered too!
in-suite laundry
pets allowed 2
rentals allowed (no Airbnb)
822 sq. ft.- living space LIKE NEW Immaculate!!!

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LOVELY 2 bedroom and DEN in Avalon Park 1 AMAZING Vibrant River District community. The suite has a desirable layout, radiant heating, and laminate floors. The Open concept kitchen and features SS appliances, including 5-burner gas range with a convection oven, and quartz countertops. Large Storage Locker and 2 parking side by side. Amenities Skylounge, Skybar, two gyms, a multi-purpose, and meeting rooms, 2 guest suites, community garden, BBQ courtyard garden, playground and multi-purpose room. The location is super convenient, everything within walking distance, including services, shopping, restaurants, parks, and entertainment. Easy access to public transportation. No short-term rentals Airbnb. EV parking. Steps to the riverfront walkways, Save-on-Foods, Shoppers, Starbucks, Sushi Mura, Bosley's, Everything Wine, Banks, Services & direct bus to Metrotown.  Looks new, feels new, but no GST must SEE. Call to view. 

Anna Smith, Your Neighbourhood REALTOR®
RE/MAX Crest Realty
Vancouver, BC V6H 1C1

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What to Know About the
Latest Interest Rate Hikes


With recent Bank of Canada interest rate hikes, and more on the way, here is what you need to know about how these fiscal policy changes affect your mortgage.

First and foremost, the interest rate hikes directly affect individuals that currently have an adjustable-rate mortgage. Depending on your mortgage amount, you're looking at a potential mortgage payment increase of $40 per month for every $100,000 of balance owing. For example, if your mortgage balance is $400,000 then your monthly payment will increase approximately $160 per month.

As Canada’s lending prime has increased, variable rates increase as these rates are tied to prime. Payments need to increase respectively to ensure the scheduled amortization remains the same. Hence you will still pay off your mortgage as the original amortization shows. For those individuals on a fixed-mortgage, you will not be affected by these interim changes outside of renewing your mortgage. If you’re mortgage is up for renewal, you will likely be renewing at a higher rate depending on your lender. If you’re still six months away from renewing, it may be a good idea to look into the options for early renewal to avoid getting caught up in another interest rate hike later this year.

All rates, fixed or variable are expected to rise more over the summer months. Please reach out to me today to discuss obtaining a rate hold. I can lock-in an interest rate for 90-120 days while you plan your next step whether it is renewing, purchasing or planning for changes.

If you're not currently a homeowner, but were looking at getting into the marketplace, it is a good idea to revaluate your budget and potential calculations for homeownership to ensure that your estimates are in line with the new interest rates. Download my mobile app My Mortgage Planner to play around with calculators and review your budget.

While interest rate hikes affect everyone, understanding the dollar value change for your situation and adjusting your budget accordingly, can help ease the pressure from increased mortgage costs. If you have any questions or are not sure what your next move should be, don’t hesitate to reach out to me today! I’d be happy to help review your situation and walk you through your options.


Prime Rate Increase to 4.7% + What To Do About It by Robert Klein
The prime rate has risen by 1% to 4.7%.  For example, if you have a prime - .9% variable rate mortgage, you now have a 3.8% variable rate mortgage.

According to social media, the entire world is collapsing. 

Let us break it down.  *I am not an economist. 

Where is our inflation coming from?
At any given moment in time, we have a fixed amount of goods and services versus a fixed amount of currency. 

If we increase the amount of currency available and the number of goods and services remains the same, the price of goods will inflate. 

If we decrease the production of goods and services versus a fixed amount of currency, the price of goods and services will inflate. 

If there is pent-up demand (increase) for goods and services versus a fixed amount of currency, the price of goods and services will inflate. 

The above three have all happened in the last 2 years due to covid and we are now seeing the result of these events.

How will inflation stop or slow down?
Decrease the demand for goods and services.
Increase the supply of goods and services.
Increase the demand for currency.
Decrease the supply of currency.

What can the Bank of Canada do?
The only thing they can do is increase the rate.  When they increase the rate, the demand for currency will decrease.  Less currency is available, in turn decreasing the price of goods and services and slowing down inflation.

How do you defend against this?
Do the math.  Let’s make some assumptions:
1. How long will it take to go back to normal: 2 Years
2. How much extra interest will you pay: 2%/year
3. Average mortgage size: $600,000

The above is my guestimate.

Total Cost: $600,000 x 2% x 2 Years = $24,000

If you can afford the extra $24,000 in cost over the next 2 years with your income, line of credits, investments etc., then you are ok. 

What should you do in this situation?
1. Run your numbers and know your numbers. 
2. Structure line of credits against your properties(s)
3. Look at converting to 1, 2, 3 year fixed rates if the variable rate = fixed rates

What are investors going to do?
“Be greedy when others are fearful.”
Investors are going to buy in this market.  They are going to structure line of credits/mortgages against their properties and prepare their financial position to qualify for lending.

What is a good strategy to buy as an investor?
With higher rates, cash flow is going to be restrictive.  So instead of buying a $800k property with $200k down, it makes more sense to buy a $500k property with $200k down.

Which homeowners are going to buy in this market?
1. New home buyers as they are still paying insane amounts of rent.    
2. Home buyers that want to upsize or downsize in a calm fashion.     

Are there more risks to consider?
Let us use a 40-year-old making $120,000/year and will work till age 65. 

Death: $120,000 x 25 years = $3,000,000 Risk
Disabled and can no longer work: $120,000 x 25 years = $3,000,00 Risk
Critically Ill: $120,000 x 3 Years = $360,000 Risk

The above risks make the interest rate risk look small.  Something to think about. 

What is the next step?
If you would like to discuss your options for mortgages & insurance, feel free to set a time:

Robert Klein                              
Mortgage Broker & Commercial Realtor
Pacific West Mortgages Inc. & NAI Commercial (Victoria) Inc.
C: 778.896.6732 | F:604.648.9701              
Visit our website at

Title: What's New in Speculation and Vacancy Tax

Source: Speculation and Vacancy Tax


The speculation and vacancy tax declaration period is now open.

Declaration letters begin mailing this week. You'll need your letter before you can declare.

Check out our website at to find out when you can expect your letter, what to do if you'll be away and for help declaring.


A Better Way to Buy and Sell Real Estate and 10 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

A Better Way to Buy and Sell Real Estate and 10 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

This is a one-stop real estate website for all your home buying and selling needs in Vancouver, BC.

Contact us if you would like more information on finding your dream home or preparing to sell your home.

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10 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

Whether you're buying or selling a home, you need the right kind of partner

Finding the right real estate agent to represent you can be challenging. There are many agents to choose from and almost every homeowner you meet will have a recommendation. It may take a bit of time but interviewing and evaluating agents is worth every minute. Buying or selling a home is no small task, so you want to make sure you get the right person in your corner. Here are 10 essential things to look for in a real estate agent. 

10 Things to Look for in a Real Estate Agent    (6 mistakes some Home Buyers Make)

  • An active listener
  • Good references or referrals
  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Negotiation skills
  • Support
  • Effective Communication
  • Strong online presence
  • Decisions based on data
  • Experience

1. An active listener 

You want to make sure that your agent listens to you when you speak and takes your wants and needs into full consideration. Your agent will be representing you in what’s sure to be one of the largest purchases or sales of your life, so making sure they understand your priorities is crucial. Look for an agent that remembers your wish list, contacts you when they see something that fits your needs, and who doesn’t monopolize your conversations. Good agents are typically good salespeople, but make sure they don’t try to sell you out of your own needs. If you don’t feel heard, it’s time to start looking for another agent. 

 2. Good references or referrals

There’s no quicker way to find out what you can expect from your real estate agent than by contacting their previous clients. Some buyers and sellers skip this step when evaluating agents, but we’d highly recommend putting the time into getting honest feedback. Agents should come to listing appointments or meetings equipped with recent references, preferably in the cities you’re looking at.  If your potential real estate agent was referred to you by a friend or family member, make sure you ask them in detail about how the agent operated on each of the nine other points on this list.

 3. Honesty, especially in difficult situations

This can be hard to gauge, but it’s extremely important to find an honest agent whose opinion you can trust. Your agent’s experience and opinion on making or accepting offers should be extremely valuable to you, but that will only be the case if you can fully trust them to operate in your best interest. You want to find an agent who will tell you their honest opinion even when they know their thoughts won’t be pleasantly received so that you can truly make decisions with as much information as possible. An honest agent that stands by his or her instincts is indispensable when making difficult decisions.

 4. Passion 

Unlike some of the other items on this list, it’s fairly easy to tell whether or not an agent is passionate about their job and the real estate industry in general. You want an agent who is excited about getting the highest offer possible on your listing, or who is combing through new listings before you are to find you your dream home. They should know the latest Canadian real estate market trends and truly relish discussing them with you. Buying or selling your home should be an enjoyable process, and a good real estate agent who is passionate about their job can make all the difference.

 5. Negotiation skills 

They say a good real estate agent pays for him/herself, and the negotiation table is the place where this can really happen. Reading whether you should make a strong offer, a counter-offer, or a low offer requires a good understanding of both the seller’s situation and the listing agent’s negotiation style. On the other side of things, pricing a listing properly is somewhat of an art form that can set the stage for a successful negotiation and timely sale. Be sure that your agent has the negotiating skills needed to get you a good offer, or to get your offer accepted.

 6. Someone with support 

If you’re a first time home buyer, you might be surprised by just how many people you’ll need to be introduced to during your home buying process. Your agent should be able to recommend a notary, a mortgage broker, a home inspector, and any other potential service providers you may need during the home buying process. An agent who has built these kinds of strong relationships is likely someone respected in the industry, which should give you confidence when they are negotiating on your behalf. Before writing an offer…

 7. Effective communication skills

Take note of how your potential agent speaks to you, how they treat other people, and how they communicate with the world on social media. You want to make sure your agent will be able to sell effectively which requires the ability to communicate clearly. One of the best ways to judge this is to see how they sell themselves when you meet them. If they make a strong case for you to use their services, you’ve likely found a good communicator that will represent you well.

8. A strong online presence 

Don’t just evaluate your agent in person, you should also look at their online profiles to see how they’re selling themselves, and their client homes, online. Check to see if they have a following on social media, featured profiles on websites like REW, and where their previous listings were shared online. Typing their past sales addresses into Google Search will help give you an idea of where you can expect to see your property online if you list with them.

9. Decisions based on data 

When you speak to a potential agent, you want to make sure they’re backing up their opinions and suggestions with hard data. Select an agent that knows the market inside and out, and don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about your area of interest and see what type of knowledge and insight they possess. It doesn’t have to be a formal pop quiz but making sure your agent knows the area you want to buy or sell in is important.

10. Experience 

To be clear, we’re not suggesting you should only work with 20-year industry veterans. Experience is certainly not everything, but having it is an asset that you should consider when evaluating potential agents. Your agent should be able to provide you with examples of past buying and selling experiences that lead to positive outcomes. You also want to make sure that they know and have good relationships with other industry professionals, as they could be negotiating with them in the near future on your behalf. 

If you find an agent that ticks off the 10 boxes above, you should be in for a great experience. To start the process, use this link to find an agent.  REW recommend Anna Smith




Why finding a qualified real estate expert can help make the home-buying process more enjoyable.

4min read

Are you done paying someone else’s mortgage (goodbye, rent money!) and ready to find a home to call all your own? As a first-time homebuyer, the process of purchasing real estate can be daunting.

If you’re soon to buy your very first home, check out these tips to prepare for the tremendous (and exciting!) journey ahead.

Budget wisely

Saving up and budgeting accordingly is the smartest way to enter the home-buying process, especially as a first-time buyer unaccustomed to the extra costs associated with buying – and moving. In addition to a down payment (which can be as little as 3%), ensure you have saved adequately for the closing costs, brokerage fees and the moving process.

When the time comes to submit an offer on a home, stick close to your budget. Any home you move into will have surprise costs down the line and especially as you get acquainted in the new space and decorate, so spending more than you bargained for upfront can usurp funds for maintenance and repairs.

Speak to a mortgage professional

Over the past year, mortgage rates have dipped to record lows, making it an appealing time for homebuyers who planned on taking out a mortgage to do so.

Before the home-buying process begins, first-time homebuyers should consider consulting a mortgage professional of their choice. A mortgage broker will be able to advise buyers on the advantages of pre-approval or pre-qualification, which can be important in today’s market where homes are selling quickly (and over asking price). Doing so will also help shape and determine a realistic price range of properties.

Start the property search online

Over the past year, buyers have taken to online shopping more than ever – especially for their future homes. Use advanced online resources – like and the RE/MAX Real Estate Search App – to jumpstart your home search. Combing through listings online allows you to see a wider range of properties – and rule out some before it’s time to tour.

The “Favorite” feature on the RE/MAX app, for example, allows you (and any home search partner) to like, dislike and save properties all in one organized digital space. It's truly helpful when it comes to perfecting the home search from home.

Use a trusted real estate professional

When it’s time to make one of the largest purchases of your lifetime, don’t go through the process alone – especially in today’s fast-paced, competitive market. Working with a full-time agent who has expertise in all facets of real estate can help make the experience more streamlined and less stressful.

A trusted real estate expert knows the ins and outs of your local housing market, has fine-tuned negotiation skills, can identify (and tackle) issues along the way, and is prepared to find the best fit for you and any family members (pets included). Plus, real estate agents have tips and tricks specifically for submitting offers in a seller’s market.

Be ready to compromise

Remember that your first home won’t necessarily be your last. Know that you may not find a home with all of your dream features within your price point. This is why it’s important to make a list of “wants vs. needs” to help guide your home-buying journey.

What features can you live with in the meantime until you can renovate? And what features are a deal breaker? When reflecting on these factors, consider what budget-friendly DIY projects you could complete upon move-in to help make some of those less-desired features work for you. It could be fixes as simple as a new coat of paint, peel-and-stick wallpaper, resurfaced kitchen cabinets or new hardware.

Look at the whole picture

With the prospect and excitement of homeownership on the horizon, it’s easy for first-time buyers to get emotionally attached to properties throughout the search process. Remember to analyze each potential home holistically, considering location, accessibility, commute times and proximity to frequented places – in addition to the house itself.

Right now, homes are selling fast. This means it’s wise to not get too attached to any particular home in the event of being outbid or losing the sale. But don’t worry – your perfect first home is out there. It just may take you (and your RE/MAX agent!) a little bit of time to find the right one.

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BUYING A HOME|Considering Buying a House? 6 Reasons That Confirm You're Ready

This is the priciest Vancouver condo currently on the market ...

Is your New Year's resolution to finally move into your dream home? 

If so, here's one appealing option—if your dream home is a swanky West End condo with ocean and mountain views, and pretty much every amenity you can imagine. 

The catch? You'll need to pay $13,888,800 for the privilege. 

That, and it's not finished being built yet. 

The condo in question is a 4030-square-foot unit in the Alberni, a 43-storey tower currently under construction at 1550 Alberni Street, near Cardero. At over $13 million and more than $3,446 per square foot, its list price is the highest of any Vancouver condo currently listed for sale on, by a fairly wide margin

The REW listing describes the dwelling as "a true masterpiece in the heart of Downtown Vancouver overlooking the water and mountains." The unit, no. 3902, features three bedrooms and four bathrooms, not to mention its own private Japanese garden on the balcony. The unit also comes with two parking spaces and one storage locker.  

Residents will have access to truly luxurious amenities like a full gym and indoor swimming pool, an art gallery, a wine tasting room, and a soundproof listening/music room, to name just a few. While the owners of this unit will only have to share their floor with one other, the building will house a total of 188 units across its 43 stories. 

The building itself is designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, and, with its unique curved exterior, has been called "one of the most iconic buildings in the world." According to the listing, Kuma's design "takes you through the discovery of Japanese use of space and sophistication," and takes into account "elements of Shinto philosophy seeking to harmonize structure with nature."

If a shared wine-tasting room sounds right up your alley but $13.888 million is just a touch outside your budget, don't fret: There are plenty of other units in the yet-to-be-completed building currently listed for sale on REW, including several slightly more affordable one- and two-bedroom options. 

Construction on the Alberni is expected to be complete in 2021 or 2022. Scroll through the gallery above to check out some renderings of the property. 

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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

How much can you afford?

Buying a home usually means getting obtaining a mortgage loan. You will find a useful mortgage calculator below that will give you the monthly payments that you could expect given your particular financing situation.

I'd love to help you out!

Please fill out the information below and I will put you in touch with a trusted mortgage professional who will provide you with a depth of knowledge, explain all of your financing options and get you the best rate!

Anna Smith, Your Neighbourhood REALTOR®
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Protecting your Home Gadgets from Hacking

Protecting your Home Gadgets from Hacking

Imagine your coffee maker switching on by itself, staying on for hours, overheating and becoming a fire hazard. That's not science fiction. As more and more appliances incorporate WIFI, the opportunities for hackers to play havoc with your home gadgets increase.
How do you prevent that from happening? Here are some safety tips:
• If your gadget uses a password to access the settings, change that password frequently. Ideally, change it once every 3 months.

• Some gadgets, such as alarm systems, come with their own connection to the internet. Learn how to turn that connection off if it becomes necessary to do so.

• Don't leave an internet-connected appliance or other gadget on constantly unless it’s necessary. For example, you don't need your home speaker system connected to your digital music providers all the time. • Baby monitors with video are a common target for hackers. Use a password unique to that device and change it often. Never leave the monitor on when not in use.

• Never share passwords with anyone unless it is absolutely necessary. Most home WIFI systems have a "guest" feature with a separate password and limited access. Use it.
In this age of internet connectivity — from coffee makers to stereos and even washing machines — it's smart to play it safe.

Know what's connected and protect yourself.


The 4 Ps to Maximizing your Selling Price
When you sell, you’ll probably want to get the best possible price for your property. Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, there are many ways to inadvertently leave money on the table – sometimes thousands of dollars. 
How do you avoid that possibility? Just remember the 4 Ps:
• Prep. Do everything you can to prepare your home so that it looks great to buyers. Clean, declutter, fix, make improvements. Home staging can also help. In fact, effectively staged homes have been shown to sell for up to 5% more than comparable unstaged properties.

• Price. Set the right asking price. That’s crucial. If it's too low, you'll attract only deal-hunters — and you might end up getting less than you should. If the asking price is too high, however, you'll discourage those buyers who might otherwise be interested and willing to make a good offer. Be careful with pricing!

• Promotion. There may be qualified buyers out there who would be eager to see your property. But, they need to find out about your listing and the great features of your home first! Reaching these buyers requires more than merely profiling the listing on the MLS. Homes that sell for top dollar often have strong marketing — directed to the right buyers.

• Proposal. Once an offer comes in, there may be an opportunity to negotiate with the buyer to maximize the final price you get. This requires deep knowledge of the local market as well as street-smart negotiation skills. If done effectively, these negotiations can help put more money in your pocket. These four Ps are easy to remember, but sometimes not so easy to implement!

That's why working with a great real estate agent is so important. Contact me to get the conversation started.


New Listing MLS R2360445 Downtown Vancouver, BC

Hurry, Hurry!! Come See this Exceptional Large one Bedroom & Den at PURE in the heart of DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER. Walking distance to English Bay, Sunset Beach, Robson shops & Yaletown restaurants! Contemporary, sleek, upscale design with expansive windows & overheight ceilings. Clean white porcelain tile throughout main living areas. Chef's Dream Kitchen with tons of European cabinetry, stone counters & island, stainless appliances incl. gas cooktop & wall oven, glass tile backsplash & huge Pantry! King-size bedroom with walk-in closet plus tons of additional built-in clothes storage. Separate den with built-in desk & bookcases. Bright outdoor balcony with plenty of space to relax. Rental & Pet friendly concrete bldg with bike room, gym & roof deck. Open House Sat Apr 20th 2-4 pm.

Anna Smith, Your Neighbourhood REALTOR®

RE/MAX Crest Realty

1428 W 7th Avenue

Vancouver, BC V6H 1C1


C:   604.505.1647 

O:  604-602-1111

Most of my business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

A referral from you is the greatest compliment that I can hope for as a realtor.

Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!


Jardine's Lookout. You couldn't be more central! The Yaletown galleries, cafes and the fun Robson shopping district surround you. The architecturally dynamic Central Library is across the way. Restaurants galore! Short stroll to BC Place, Rogers Arena, the Orpheum & Queen Elizabeth Theatres. From sports to entertainment, it's all on your doorstep.
Love where you live in this totally updated 2 bedroom and den corner unit with walnut laminate floors, gorgeous quartz counters in kitchen with glass tile backsplash and S-S appliances. Fabulous walk-in shower & jetted tub! Convenient insuite storage plus a locker and parking. Serene view of cityscape, green space and heritage homes. Short walk to Skytrain and Canada Line. Pets OK with approval. Rentals limited to 25. Open House Sat Dec 1st from 2-4 pm.

NEW LISTING Buyer Alert!!  Open House!! MLS R2324358
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Tomorrow, May 25, new data privacy laws - the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - go into effect across the European Union. These laws also affect practices in North America. These laws provide consumers with more control over their personal data.

At ‘Anna Smith Realty’, we fully support a more safe and secure internet. For the personal data we do collect, we are committed to your right to privacy and to being transparent about how and why we store your data.

Here is a quick summary of these important updates:

We've ensured our Privacy Policy complies with the new requirements under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect this Friday, May 25, 2018.

You may request to delete, modify, or access your personal data at any time. Simply reach out to us and we will accommodate your needs.

Thank you for continuing to stand with Anna Smith Realty. 

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Affordable housing #affordablehousing 

Affordable housing from $ 320,000 to $ 399,000 - found 30 properties located in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody and Coquitlam. #firsttimehomebuyer

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